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Why bleeding after laser hemorrhoid surgery

Bleeding after laser hemorrhoid surgery is a common complication and can occur for several reasons. Laser hemorrhoid surgery involves using a laser to cut and remove the hemorrhoid tissue. During the procedure, the laser may also seal blood vessels to minimize bleeding. However, some bleeding may still occur after the surgery due to the following reasons:

  1. Normal healing process: Some bleeding is a normal part of the healing process after any type of surgery. The body’s natural response to injury or surgery is to form a blood clot to stop bleeding. However, if the blood clot breaks down or dissolves, bleeding may occur.
  2. Incomplete closure of blood vessels: The laser used in hemorrhoid surgery may not completely seal all the blood vessels in the hemorrhoid tissue. This may result in bleeding after the surgery.
  3. Straining during bowel movements: It is important to avoid straining during bowel movements after surgery as this can put pressure on the surgical site and lead to bleeding.
  4. Infection: In rare cases, bleeding after hemorrhoid surgery may be a sign of an infection.
  5. Trauma to the area: The surgical area may have some trauma or injury due to the procedure, which can lead to bleeding.

Firstly, the laser used during the surgery may cause some damage to the blood vessels in the area, leading to bleeding. Secondly, the surgery itself may involve the removal or cutting of hemorrhoid tissue, which can cause bleeding as well. Finally, the post-operative care and activity level of the patient can also contribute to bleeding.

It is important to follow the post-operative instructions provided by your doctor to reduce the risk of bleeding and other complications. If you experience excessive bleeding, severe pain, or other concerning symptoms after hemorrhoid surgery, you should contact your doctor immediately.

To help prevent bleeding after laser hemorrhoid surgery, it is important to follow your healthcare provider’s instructions for post-operative care. This may include resting, avoiding strenuous activities, taking pain medication, and eating a high-fiber diet to prevent constipation. It is also important to keep the surgical area clean and dry and to avoid using harsh soaps or other irritants.

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